Struggling to lead a Clutter Free life?

I think every one has faced this problem of dealing with clutter in his or her life. Clutter arises when we have lots of things in our home and they are not at their expected places or are not arranged in a neat and orderly way.clutter

There was a time in my life when  I have been living in a clutter home without realizing it .

Why all this clutter?

My husband and I have received lots of wedding gifts from both side and they have taken most of our spaces. When I tried to do something about cluttering, I found myself turning round and round without really solving the problem of clutter.

With the birth of my children, things worsen because I have to find place for the children items such as toys, baby pram,clothes,etc. And I was so involved in my new role as a mum  as well as a wife  that I could not find time to take actions. At that time it was almost impossible to eradicate the cluttering problem. The children were always playing and making every where a mess!

But nevertheless  I have not abandoned and still thinking very hard how to solve this problem! After seven years of wait, my children have grown up and become more mature and independent. I was determined to take the upper hand in this situation because I were always feeling stressed and annoyed whenever I saw a lot of unnecessary things in my home making it heavy. Today I am very happy that I have taken this wise and right decision to kick clutter out of my life.

Here are my 10 practical tips I have adopted to lead a clutter Free life and I want to share them with you.a clutter free life


1. Remove the surplus of things in your home. This is the first step I have taken in order to lead a clutter free life. I remembered giving away utensils and crockery to needy people and families. They were very happy on receiving them and giving lot of blessing. I myself were very proud and feeling awesome to give.

I have also given books to children who need them and sold old books to buy new ones  for the children’s use at school. Sometimes I put the things I want to discard in a nice plastic bag and put them near the garbage bin for the scavengers so that they can take for themselves.

2. Do not become emotional or attach concerning things because you will get trap in between. There are people who does not want to throw things away (even if they are slightly broken) because they were emotionally attached.

3. Get family members to involve in the process of eliminating clutter. This will motivate you to take decisions and alleviate your burden as you will get many pairs of hand helping you.

4.Take action once in a week to declutter a room completely. My favorite day is Saturday to do the whole cleaning of the house. Then allocate  45 mins decluttering of only a room thoroughly on a roster basis. Next time you take another room.

5. Make it a habit to eliminate everyday small clutter you pass by like an empty  box of toothpaste or empty packet of biscuit. Do not let things accumulate till you cannot manage.

6.Avoid spending money on impulsive buying and trendy items because it lead to waste of money as well as adding clutter to your house. Be intelligent and ask question like: will I need it? or can I live without the item?

7.Every thing in the home should have its proper place  and very well organised. One should not lose time or be stressed when one cannot find something.

8. Avoid going to big shopping mall unless I really need something. By doing this I crush the urge of buying unnecessary things. I have also stopped buying provisions more than I really need because kitchen is a common area which tend to attract clutter.

9. If you do not have time to clean and remove dust better not to expose lots of decoration. Because these items will attract dust and take time to clean.

10. Clothes in the wardrobe which have not been used for past 2 years or more indicate that you will never use it. So I better  discard them to clear space.

I still put the tips into practice  and I enjoy doing them. Decluttering  has done wonders for my general well being and I encourage anybody to put it into practice and especially do not be afraid because clutter attract dust and roaches.

If you have a tip concerning  a  clutter free life, please feel free to share. I will be happy to hear it in the comment below.


10 thoughts on “Struggling to lead a Clutter Free life?

  1. Hi Shalini,
    Thank you for a great article about clutter, I have been been feeling overwhelmed quite recently and came home to a flat that was just full of clutter. Its funny because after reading your article I related to a lot of what wrote about. I think its very easy to get attached to things and have an emotional feeling towards “stuff” I actually took your advice and started to put things that I don’t actually need into a box, truth be told – I feel a bit better for it, its like letting go of something.
    Thanks for a great article, i am glad I found it.

    1. I am happy you have loved this article, Freddy because clutter concerns everyone! One can’t say that he or she has never encountered this problem in life. Arriving at a turning point in my life where I have become fed up with clutter that I have decided to take complete control of it!

  2. I really enjoyed reading your article. My wife and I have so much clutter but one of us (guess who) doesn’t want to get rid of anything. We’ve talked about down-sizing but we will have to donate and throw a lot of things away. In the mean time the clutter just keeps building up. Oh well, maybe some day we’ll be able to get rid of the clutter.

    1. Thanks Robert for liking this post! Even today despite removing clutter continually, it never ends completely. No matter what, I always try to have an upper hand on the cluttering problem! A small tip for you, Robert: just take actions and you will see the difference.

  3. Thanks for these useful tips. Concerning clutter, well i guess where i should start now.

  4. Hi Neeraj! I apologize for the late reply and I am happy you have loved the article!

  5. I am in the process of de-cluttering for this entire week and was searching for some tips when I come across your site. Was never really good at it, but figured that I need to do something to make my room more comfortable.

    The clothing section is definitely something that I will have to look into. There are clothes that I haven’t touched for years so I think it’s time to let them go.

  6. Hi Cathy, you are welcome! You are right if you have not used the clothes for years, just ask yourself this question: ” will I use it this year or next year?”. If the answer is no then definitely you will never use them. Better to discard the clothes and make place for new ones!

  7. I agree on every point you mentioned in your article. I am in the process of de-cluttering before the New Year, and I found out that at times we do not really realise how much stuff we are accumulating around until it becomes too overwhelming and apparent. I do have a bad habit of keeping up things for a while, which consequently results in a pile of unnecessary stuffs. Then when time comes to clean up, it gives me a headache not knowing where to start!
    Thank you for these useful tips. I will try to implement these henceforth.

  8. Ya you are right, if we do not take the upper hand to control clutter, we will feel stifle! Best of luck for de-cluttering and do not hesitate to remove things you are not using now and later!

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