Importance of Black Pepper in my daily life

black pepper

Black pepper plays an important part in my daily life. When my children were small and often caught cold, my mum was always telling me to give them warm milk with pepper. But the problem was that my children were too small to drink this and pepper is hot  and children do not love its taste!

As a matter of fact, I have developed the habit of including black pepper in my food where the children have started to love and to enjoy it. In my fried rice, fried noodles, pasta, pizza, omelette,  french fries, sausages, salad dressing, marinades, etc, I always  put black pepper for the benefit of my family . I am happy to see my children  now grown up, have not forgotten about this special  spice often known as the king of Spice.

During these past 15 years, I have  seen results by including this special spice in my everyday food. I have observed my children enjoying good health and they are less prone to cold and infection! And of course I have never overuse  black pepper in my life. But on the contrary black pepper has become so important in our daily life that every day, we are enjoying its benefit and we are aware of its nutritional values.

Here are my 8 benefits of consuming black  pepper in our daily life :

black pepper benefit

  1. Helps in digestion: the taste of black pepper on the tongue help the stomach to release hydrochloric acid needed to digest protein.
  2. combats cancer and prevent other diseases: the piperine  helps to fight the dreadful disease name cancer
  3. Stimulates Appetite
  4. Gives relief from cough and cold: Black pepper has antibacterial , antioxidant  and antiflammatory properties which contribute in treating cough and cold.
  5. Helps to lose weight: the presence of phytonutrients helps to break down fat cells and  increases also metabolism
  6. Relieves gas: black pepper is used for its antiflammatory and anti flatulent properties.
  7. Acts as a natural anti depressant :the piperine present in black pepper acts as an anti depressant and thus stimulating the nervous system as well as improving the cognitive capacity.
  8. Combats Arthritis


But beware if we are consuming black pepper in excess, the benefits will turn into side effects thus doing us no good!

Black pepper is not a food to eat but only a spice and its nature is hot and pungent so better not to overuse it if we do not want to face any discomforts. Below are the 6 side effects of black pepper when we use it in excess:


black pepper benefit

1. Burning sensation in the stomach when we overuse black pepper which is a “hot” spice.

2. Skin dryness: over consumption of black pepper makes the skin dry, itchy and sensitive.

3. Death: if one (especially children) consume black pepper directly, it can get into the lung thus causing  premature death.  So better not to consume directly but rather add it to the food.

4.Avoid contact to eye and skin: it may cause burning sensation to eyes and skin if applied directly.

5. Gastro intestinal disorder. Overuse of black pepper leads to gastro intestinal problems.

6.Respiratory problem arises when one inhale  pepper.

7. Miscarriage: when pregnant mom consume high amount of black pepper it  increases the chance of losing the baby.

8. Breast feeding affects the child: the hot flavor and taste of pepper which pass into  the milk makes the child suffers from digestion problems.

Analyzing the side effects, we do not find it necessary to stop the consumption of black pepper which has innumerable health benefits. The solution is so simple: why don’t we use black pepper moderately  and makes the most of its benefit??


Is It Really Worth Using Black Pepper In Preparation Of Our Food?

Black pepper is the most ancient Indian spice used and there is a belief that it has solar energy stored in it. Black Pepper can cure diseases ranging from cold to bloody diarrhea. This explain why it is extensively used in Ayurvedic medicine as well as to add taste to food since it is one of the most used spices in different cuisines around the world

Black Pepper is a tropical vine native to India and the peppercorn (the pepperfruit) belong to the family of Piperaceae, also scientifically known as Piper nigrum ( Generic Name). The medicinal uses of black pepper is amazing! Black Pepper has been used as remedies to cure diseases.

Black Pepper plant

Black pepper is a hot and warming spice with a pungent taste and it provides an innumerable benefits for our body’s health. The nutrients of black pepper are: iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese,zinc, chromium, flavonoid, carotenes, vitamin A ,C ,K  etc

Nevertheless we have to use  Black Pepper (used in both whole or grounded form) wisely  despite its health benefit because if we overuse it,  it will not do us any good.

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18 thoughts on “Importance of Black Pepper in my daily life

  1. That’s very interesting. Thanks Shalini for sharing with us these informations. I have learnt how it is useful pepper not only in our food for tasting but it is good for health.

    1. You are most welcomed Neeraj! You know it is nearly 15 years that I have been using pepper and I must say I don’t regret it. But of course one must not overuse it!

  2. Brilliant blog! I’m amazed by the different uses of Black Pepper.
    Worth a read ???

    1. Hi Vanesha, thanks for dropping by! You know at that time I knew only that black pepper was good for cough and cold. Even I was amazed with the different uses of black pepper. I think it is worth giving pepper its value in our kitchen.

  3. Hi .I myself was not aware of the importance of black pepper thank u sha.v.nice

  4. Hi shalini I am glad to read your article on pepper to tell u frankly i was not aware of its benefits and I was a bit afraid to use it! I will definitely start including it in my kitchen, thank you.

  5. Hi Pamela, sorry for my late reply! Please don’t be afraid to use pepper! You can start using pepper gradually but do not overuse it!

  6. Hi shalini , I really appreciate this article , it’s really amazing during so many years we used pepper just as salads dressing , but now we learn the great importance of this ingredient! Will use it in benefits of our health as from now .
    Thanks a lot

  7. Hi Ooshwanee, thanks for dropping by! I assure you will not regret using black pepper in your daily life. Even I am still enjoying its benefits!

  8. Very informative Shalini,
    I’ve been a chef for a long time and I never knew some of the dangers of overuse, especially in regards to children.
    Thanks for the post!

    1. You are welcome Brett! And with times I have learned that everything that is good for health one must not overuse it!

  9. I used this spice without knowing about its various benefits.thanks for’s very instructive.

    1. Thanks Corine for dropping by and I can assure you it is really worth knowing about the benefits of pepper!

  10. Hi, reading your post I’m remembering of my mum adding pepper in my milk when coughing but thought my kid is too little for it now on will try it with moderation of course. Thanks very much ineteresting blog

    1. You made me remembered of my childhood where my mum too used to give me milk with pepper! And for my children I have got the idea of using pepper in preparation of their food and of course without overusing it for their own benefits! Thanks for dropping by really appreciating your visit!


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