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Hi! I’m Shalini Pokhun and welcome to my blog “Tropical Wellness”shalini

It is about trying to prevent illness and prolonging life because nowadays there are many diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, heart disease, stress and so on which I believe we have to keep at bay. Wherever we are living  in the world, we are all facing the same issues .

More on myself…….

I’m the mum of two teenage boys. My husband San, is  very health conscious and always telling me to eat less butter, less sugar and to cook with less oil. We rarely go to restaurant or eat fast food as our health are very important for us. And with time, I have observed and fully agreed with him because the food is too oily and salty just good for the tongue but unfortunately not for our body. Moreover in the family, there is history of diabetes and hypertension. Personally I have seen dear ones suffering from complication of diabetes leading to dialysis. These diseases are very common nowadays due to wrong eating habits. I personally want myself and my family to be healthy so I believe prevention is better.

Choose the right job…

My first job in an offshore company was not interesting, I remembered. I have worked for 2 years then stopped. For the past fifteen years , I have been working as a preschool teacher and I love my job so much!  It is not boring at all and always fun. Unlike my husband first job as a teacher bored him so much that he fled on the second day. Conclusion: It is very important to choose the right job, the one we love and enjoy because it contributes to our wellness.

Everyday I have 20 pairs of eyes watching me and they are ready to imitate and be like me. I find myself daily singing, dancing, exercising, laughing, story telling and managing class control. Wow! and lots of love from the kids. I must say that I have never felt I am getting old and in my mind I am still young. Perhaps working with children make me feel this way. My personality has bloomed with years from a shy and awkward person into a self assured and responsible person. And in my early childhood courses,  I have learned a lot concerning healthy living  and exercising which I completely ignored before.

Nowadays there are health education in school for the well being of children. As a teacher I put emphasis on healthy eating and I have personally seen the difference between a child eating fruit and the other who does not. The child eating healthily  has shiny eyes and beautiful skin whereas the other child looking dull.

15 Years ago, I did not know the importance of a healthy diet. And I must admit that I was eating wrongly and I was not enjoying good health! I was always overweight and prone to infection.

These past  years I have seen lots of changes  in myself and my family. We rarely visit the doctor for any  illness. We treat  ourselves using natural ingredients and it works! Today my children are in good health. They love playing football,cycling, jogging, walking barefoot and swimming. In short, I have achieved my goal to follow a healthy lifestyle both in my family and students. A healthy lifestyle is important whether in childhood or adulthood.


I love reading the Bible……

It inspires and guides me to live life with a new style. I have learned from the Bible whatever situation or difficulty you may encounter in life just stay firm knowing God is with you. One must never be discouraged in life and always be positive as problems will be always part in our life.  And my motto in life: Be positive in everything.

Why Tropical Wellness?

Through my site I want to share my  personal experiences and knowledge in life though I am not a professional. I will also love to share valuable contents, tips, quotes, my products and simple recipes for a healthy lifestyle as well as for the wellness of the body and mind.

Thanks for visiting Tropical Wellness and I hope you enjoy and find something interesting! Please feel free to get in touch anytime, I will be happy to help if you have any question. Just leave a comment here.

Thanks for dropping by and I look forward to hearing from you.



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12 thoughts on “About Shalini

  1. You are a beautiful person inside-out.
    You have excellent writing skills, proud of reading your article ??
    Way to go dearest Lady ??

    1. Hi Vanesha, you are most welcomed on my blog because you and I share the same interest in staying healthy in body, mind and soul. Thanks for the compliment and encouraging words. God bless you!

  2. I have known Shalini a few years back as she was the teacher of my little one.
    I can surely say that Shalini is a wonderful and responsible teacher and I personally want to congratulate her on having launched this website.
    well done.??

    1. Thanks Yojna for visiting my web. Feeling very motivated to move ahead with my blog. Just now I am feeling like the children in my class, with some praise, they feel motivated to do their best. I am feeling exactly the same!

  3. Wow is what I could express very beautiful writing Shalini and you have live upto it. Very important for these days with our unhealthy ways of living which promote unwanted diseases.

    1. Hi Lisa, thanks for the encouraging words! Through this blog, I can share my inner feelings and passion on staying healthy in body, mind and soul. You know the saying: ” prevention is better than cure” so better take actions now!!!

  4. You blog is truly inspiring. I love every article of yours; and you possess such a beautiful writing style.
    Great initiative. I am sure this website of your will definitely make a postive impact on the coming generation.
    God bless

  5. hi sha very nice your page on tropical wellness congrats.dear keep it up

  6. I sincerely appreciate your articles Shalini..
    Very helpful!!! And you are encouraging people through these articles.. God bless you and congrats!!!
    This website will definitely make a positive impact.

    1. Hello Pryash Thanks for reading and appreciating my articles. I am feeling very encouraged and motivated to write more!

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